Above all, I value safety and trust in a therapeutic relationship with my clients. Everyone comes from different walks of life. My responsibility is to honor and welcome those who come to me for relaxation and pain relief. In addition, it is an honor and a privilege to receive client information and be endowed with the trust to provide healing touch. My mission is to create a safe and welcoming space each session. Furthermore, massage is personal and each client deserves the time to be heard, and for their goals to be fully realized and communicated in a way that works best for their needs.

My massage skills specialize in deep tissue, myofascial release, joint care, reiki, and elements of Thai massage. This makes for a deeply relaxing session that is sure to hit your sweet spots along the way. My strong background in herbal medicine and yoga continuously evolves her understanding of healing and balance in the body. I also use warm herbal compresses and topical liniments as needed. My work seeks to address each individual's needs so that a renewed connection to one's mind and body can be experienced.

Lily Brunner, LMT

Gina Pancottine, LMT