Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage provided at Hand of the Heart Massage involves a blend of modalities and techniques targeted at improving function, rehabilitation from a new or old injury or recovery from a recent surgery, increasing mobility in joints or muscles from overuse or repetitive motion injury. Our therapists have training in a variety of different approaches in applying therapeutic massage for the purpose of improving function. Some techniques include: myofascial release, trigger point release, deep tissue work, Thai Medical Scraping, active release approaches, assisted/resisted stretching, among others. Each therapist takes a recent history intake in order to tailor each session to the specific needs and progress being made in your journey of functional recovery.

While therapeutic sessions can involve a full body treatment, it can often be a focused treatment in the area involved in order to achieve the goal. We are passionate about educating our clients in use of self-care practices that include daily stretching, exercise and self-massage regimen to maintain results and improve your sense of well-being between treatment sessions. Healthy lifestyle and a diet low in inflammatory foods is always encouraged. Even small changes in habits can create big results.

Using Insurance?

We have added several new therapists to our office recently. If you are an insurance client, please call the office before scheduling to verify your network status. 

Motor Vehicle or Workman’s Comp claim? Contact us to verify coverage prior to setting up your appointment.